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Claim your Pleasure Power + 7 Golden Keys to Tantra


Download all 12 Audio files plus bonus PDF manual: The 7 Golden Keys of Tantra
Includes all the info PLUS amazing pictures to illustrate the information and help you to process it, personalise it and remember it!

Are you curious?

Want to get better educated – feel empowered – and dip your toe in the waters to have your own personal experience of orgasmic awakening?

Let Ella be your guide as she takes you by the hand and lovingly walks you through her introductory and super powerful Claim Your Pleasure Power with Tantra Audio Mini-series.

A must have for beginners and a perfect partner to the Women’s Pleasure Power GOLD Course!

Perfect for the busy people of the world. Listen in bed, in the shower, driving the car!

Each audio is short, sharp and jam packed with incredible insights, inspiration, information and some juicy embodiment practices that are guaranteed to peak your curiosity and allow for you to have a delicious taste of exactly what this buzz word ‘Tantra’ is all about.