Pleasure Power Experts

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Dr Janet Hall,
Retired Clinical Psychologist & Sex Therapist

Ella Hall, Transformational Life Coach & Tantric Goddess

Join Jan & Ella over 5 weeks as we discuss and delve into the topics of:

Fabulous Orgasms For Women:
How You Can Have More Of Them For Yourself.

Sex Talk:
Super Boost The Male, Female Connection.

Sexual Hurts:
Healing Sexual Hurts; Body, Mind, Emotion & Energy.

Myth Busting Sex:
How To Blow Your Mind, Heart And Pleasure Wide Open

Self-Pleasure As Self Care:
The Exquisite Art Of Solo Sex

What you get

  • Access to 5 professional TV quality mastered videos shared weekly over 5 weeks
  • 5 weekly worksheets to dive deep into self-enquiry
  • A PowerPoint of what Ella and Dr Jan say on the videos with amazing pictures to illustrate the information and help you process it, personalise it and remember it!

To be eligible

  • A commitment to spend 40 mins per week to dedicate to watching each video (approx. 20-25mins each) and filling in the worksheet (15-20 mins)

Know this is for you?!
Ready to say “YES” to your pleasure power?!
Ready to claim your Inner Sex Goddess?!

The journey begins soon.


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