Pleasure Power Experts

Women’s Pleasure Power Gold BONUS


This is an exclusive opportunity for ALL women (and the men who love them) to join Dr Jan and Ella over 5 weeks, as together we discuss and delve into the topics of:

  • Fabulous 0rgasms for Women:
    How you can have more of them for yourself
  • Sex Talk:
    Super boost the male – female connection
  • Sexual Hurts:
    Healing sexual hurts; body, mind, emotion & energy
  • Myth Busting Sex:
    How to blow your mind, heart and pleasure wide open
  • Self-Pleasure as Self Care:
    The exquisite art of solo sex

Each week, via email, you will be gifted exclusive access to one of the videos along with a linked worksheet so that you can go deep into self-enquiry and begin your own journey of activating, liberating and empowering your own pleasure power for yourself!